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If you want to replace your transmission fluid, a transmission flush from Lifetime Transmissions Inc. is the only way to go. With more than 60 years of combined experience, we have the expertise, knowledge, and tools to successfully change your transmission fluid. 
A transmission flush is a more involved and complete process than simply draining the transmission fluid. When a transmission flush is done correctly, the entire system is emptied and all new  fluid is put in. The experts at Lifetime Transmissions can determine whether your vehicle needs a full transmission flush. If your car has not been performing right, bring it in for a full check - we offer FREE estimates for all of the transmission service work we do. 

The Process Of Transmission Flushes

Transmission flushes use special machines to extract and clean out the components of a car’s transmission. Using pumps and machines, new, clean liquid is brought into the transmission while old fluid is carried out, often with build up, gunk, and other debris. It is essential during a transmission flush to make sure that the new fluid and old fluid does not mix, and the expert technicians at Lifetime Transmission have the expertise to complete transmission flushes the correct way. 
The idea of the transmission flush is to completely remove all the old transmission fluid and debris before the new transmission fluid is put back into the vehicle. This type of overall transmission fluid change is important for all cars, though different makes and models have different transmission tune up requirements. Over time, sludge and other debris will build up in the transmission of any car, and a transmission flush is needed every 30,000 miles to ensure the transmission continues to work properly. 
The team of mechanics at Lifetime Transmission can offer proper transmission diagnostics to ensure you are getting the service you need at the best price. 

Changing Transmission Fluid The Right Way

The flush is the best way to remove your old fluid and should be done every 30,000 miles or when fluid starts to lose its cherry red color.  It varies when a vehicle requires a full transmission flush versus simply a pan service. Transmission flushes are far more sophisticated and are more thorough than a simple change of transmission fluid. It’s important to consult the experts at Lifetime Transmission to see if a flush is right for your vehicle. 
Our job is to get your transmission working perfectly, and our transmission specialists are ready to help. We won’t suggest a transmission flush unless we feel you meet certain criteria. Sometimes, high mileage vehicles that have never been flushed or vehicles beginning to show problem signs would be more suited for a pan service or drain and fill. Flushes performed incorrectly could be harmful to your transmission. 

Transmission Specialists 

Lifetime Transmissions has built a successful business around quality service and dedicated customer care. We take our job seriously in providing the best in transmission servicing in Broken Arrow and the Tulsa area. We know that having a car running properly is essential for life, and we want you to be back on the road in no time. Increase your vehicle’s efficiency today at Lifetime Transmissions:
  • Friendly services
  • Transmission flushes
  • Quality finished products
  • National lifetime warranty
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"When the transmission went out on my minivan in 2012, Lifetime Transmissions Inc. was absolutely the best place to go-- it was the best deal in town; while the others cost a bit less, the customer got way less for the money. Now in 2016, the transmission runs as well as the day I picked the van up from Lifetime Transmissions Inc. in 2012, and I got the same great service as the first time I walked in the door. Thanks Lifetime Transmissions Inc.!"

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