Light Duty Truck Transmission

Professional Light Duty Truck Transmission Repairs In Tulsa

The transmission of a truck is one of the most important elements to ensuring the truck is reliable for years of continuous use. Some of the most popular light duty trucks on the market have specific transmissions that are designed to carry a certain payload. For years, Lifetime Transmissions in Tulsa, Oklahoma has been providing our customers with high quality, professional light duty truck transmission repairs. Our entire team of technicians and mechanics has the expertise to help rebuild transmissions and repair existing transmissions for light duty trucks. The dealers usually do not build the transmission to its full potential but we build it for its maximum performance. 
In addition to service in Tulsa, we also provide our top level repair for the Broken Arrow area as well. If your small to midsize truck is having transmission troubles, contact us today. A member of our team can provide you with more information on all of our transmission repair services. With quality parts, high attention to detail, and dedicated customer service, Lifetime Transmissions is your transmission specialist in Tulsa. We look forward to serving you today. 

Transmissions Specialists For Light Duty Trucks

The team at Lifetime Transmissions specializes in repairs for light duty trucks. Most manufacturers have light duty trucks that are between ½ and 1 ton truck. These models include but are not limited to:
  • Ford F-150, GMC 1500, Chevy 1500, Dodge 1500 - ½ Ton
  • Ford F-250, GMC 2500, Chevy 2500, Dodge 2500 - ¾ Ton
  • Ford F-350, GMC 3500, Chevy 3500, Dodge 3500- 1 Ton
The numerals help determine the particular payload that the truck can carry in the bed of the truck. This does not include towing capacity but these numbers are assigned accordingly with the transmission that is built into these trucks. Lifetime Transmissions specializes in remanufactured transmissions for light duty trucks. We do not repair and replace heavy duty commercial transmissions, as these are a different machine. 

Transmission Repair You Can Trust In Broken Arrow

When you bring your light duty midsize truck to Lifetime Transmissions, our team of expert mechanics will do a thorough inspection to ensure that we are properly diagnosing the problem. We take pride in compiling a comprehensive checklist of every issue so that we can be certain we are doing the correct repairs and parts replacement on your truck. Getting you back on the road is our #1 priority and our shop in Tulsa is dedicated to providing top level transmission service. For any car or truck, the transmission must be working properly to ensure the functioning of the vehicle. Many of our customers are small business owners who rely on their pickup truck for work. We aim to be close partners with our customers in getting their transmissions inspected and repaired in a timely fashion. At Lifetime Transmissions, we’ve been in business for years of our commitment to our customers. With quality service and competitive rates, there’s no better source for transmission repair in the Tulsa and Broken Arrow area than Lifetime Transmissions. Call today for more information! 
For the best in light duty truck transmission repairs, contact Lifetime Transmissions in Tulsa today at 918-877-7809.
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