Transmission Rebuild

Transmission rebuild

Honda & Acura Transmission Rebuilds in Tulsa

Simply put, your transmission transfers energy from your car's engine to its wheels. If there's a problem somewhere along the way, you'll know about it. While many transmission problems can be taken care with a few simple fixes, other may require a rebuild.

If you're having problems with your Honda or Acura transmission, Lifetime Transmissions Inc. has the rebuild solutions you're looking for. Our professional technicians will be able to get your vehicle back on the road in no time.

Benefits Of A Remanufactured Transmission

More often than not, transmissions are completely taken apart and reassembled during a typical rebuild. Remanufactured transmissions have all their continuous wearable items and electronics replaced even if new parts are not needed.
  • Cost Comparison: Rebuilt transmissions will end up costing you more than a good remanufactured transmission and come with a less comprehensive warranty - new dealership transmissions will cost even more. Transmissions rebuilt by Lifetime Transmissions Inc. are remanufactured better than they are at dealerships and cost less.
  • Turnaround Time: Do you rely on your vehicle on a daily basis? Of course you do! Luckily, it won't take us any longer to precisely remanufacture your transmission than it would to partially rebuild it.
  • Good For The Environment: A lot of materials and resources are required to completely replace your transmission. Items referred to as "hard parts" are often in good condition, meaning a remanufacture may be your best bet.

Consider a Lot of Options for Your Transmission Rebuild

When it comes to Honda and Acura transmission rebuilds, you should only trust our experienced professionals. The experts at Lifetime Transmissions Inc. have diagnostic, repair, and remanufacturing experience.

  • Parts: We stock all of the necessary parts and components to successfully rebuild your Honda or Acura transmission.
  • Expertise: As we've mentioned above, our technicians have the Honda and Acura transmission rebuild experience you can rely on.
  • Fast Service: Because our team is so adept at rebuilding transmissions, we're able to efficiently complete every project, saving you time and money.
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