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Complete Automotive System Checks

Vehicles are becoming increasingly complex as the years go by, and it's becoming more and more important to find experienced technicians who understand the complexities of today's transmission problems.  At Lifetime Transmissions Inc., our team is extremely knowledgeable and will provide the internal and computer diagnostics that you need.

Each vehicle is thoroughly tested, including a road test, fluid checks, and a transfer case condition check. Plus, we use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our diagnostics won't miss a thing.

 Our specialists also check:

  • Electronic components
  • Solenoids
  • Sensors
  • Wiring
  • Computers

Common transmission problems

If your vehicle is starting to exhibit any of the following signs of transmission problems, it is best to bring it to the specialists at Lifetime Transmissions Inc. for a complete diagnostic evaluation. 

  • Transmission not shifting
Your vehicle should respond as soon as you shift from park to drive, but if there is a delay before you feel the gear engage, then this is usually a transmission-based problem. A delayed gear response on a manual transmission may be an indication that your clutch needs replacing. 
  • Transmission fluid leaks
As the lifeblood of any transmission, leaking fluid is one of the most common causes of a transmission break down. Transmission fluid lubricates, acts as hydraulic fluid, and cleans and conditions the seals, so the entire engine will seize up if the proper levels are not maintained. It takes a transmission specialist like those at Lifetime Transmissions Inc. to accurately diagnose and repair your transmission leak.  
  • Transmission overheating
Burning smells coming from your vehicle are never a good sign. One possible cause for the smell may be your transmission overheating. Transmission fluid lubricates and cools, so when the fluid is low or the wrong fluid is used, it starts breaking down and the entire system runs too hot. The resulting friction and corrosive activity increases the build-up of sludge and debris and causes massive damage to the transmission.
  • Slipping transmission   
A transmission should stay in gear until shifted manually by you or automatically by the computer. If the transmission is spontaneously slipping out of gear, it can be a serious safety risk and needs immediate attention. A worn or broken link that holds the gears in place may be a possible cause of a slipping transmission. 
  • Loud clunking or grinding noise
Whenever your transmission starts making unusual noises, it is definitely time to ask a specialist for full transmission diagnostics. Grinding or shaking may indicate a problem with your clutch or an issue with gear shifting, and any delay in repair services can lead to expensive replacements.

When it comes to transmission diagnostics, Lifetime Transmissions Inc. provides unparalleled services and outstanding customer care. Our level of expertise and our dedication to complete customer satisfaction has made us a highly reputable transmission repair company in the Tulsa area. We would love to serve you in any way that we can, so give us a call today! 

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